Stick to Ya Gunz – Mash Out Posse

“Stick to Ya Gunz” off of the 1995 “Firing Squad” album is classic rugged neva smoov M.O.P. boom bap, produced by the king Dj Premier and with a final Verse from Kool G. Rap, don’t get no better than this. 

Statik Selektah featuring M.O.P. and Jadakiss “For the City” off of Statik Selektah’s upcoming sophmore release “Stick 2 the Script” 

Stevie Wonder – I was Made To Love Her

One day going through my old cd’s I found Stevie and decided to give a listen. I practically knew all the songs on the cd so I wasn’t that excited until I heard one song. The song came on with a roar and Stevie started to belt out “yeaaaaaaaaaaa, yeaaaaaaaaaaaa, yeaaaaaaaaaaa!” from that moment I knew it was classic. The song is “I was made to love her” a 1967 Billboard hit from Stevie Wonder. The song is only bout 3 Minutes but it packs a punch, the soul in this song is epic and the bass is funky which gives a proper contrast. His voice is so raw and young on this record but still with the harmony only Stevie can deliver. Peep the joint below.


Just Because – Devin The Dude

Devin the Dude, probably the funniest rapper/singer in the game today.  A true Rap-A-Lot records O.G. if your not familiar with his body of work, like clinton sparks says you need to get familiar.  Below is a hilarious song by Mr. Copeland,  “Just Because” off his latest effort “Waiting to Inhale”

“Take a picture of my nuts so you could see what cha missin”         -classic

Chopped and Screwed Version, for my Syrup Sippers or your just feeling good and in a mellow mood. 

Elijah Price

Billie Holiday – Strange Fruit

“Strange Fruit” referenced in the song are the bodies of African Americans hanged during lynching. This song sung by the late Billie Holiday was as tragic as it was inspirational. Every time I hear this song my throat starts to get that lump in it, memories of times a lot of us don’t want to remember. I love this song; it is a testament that no matter how ill the situation injustice will not go unnoticed. We are a strong people we have overcome the highest of the hurdles. Those brave individuals who were hung in lynches during that time will not be forgotten. The beautiful fruit that grows in the south a lot of times is not all beautiful as it may seem. “Strange Fruit” would end up being Holidays biggest record and as many recalled she would break down every time she sang it.

Clubber Lang

Out of the streets of Chicago Clubber Lang was raised. Clubber never had a handout all his life he had to fight, punching people in there face, belly, and chest if needed. This nigga didn’t have parents he had the streets!! Clubber went to jail for 5 years and discovered boxing, a new drive took over him. He began moving his way up the ladder with furious style and aggression, soon getting the attention of Rocky himself. Rocky was rich getting doe big house and shit he training in a fucking circus it looks like. Clubber in the ghetto sweating, dodging the feens to live his dream! That’s why in the first beef Rocky went down hard, I heard they fought again but I don’t know bout all that. I seen one fight and from what I seen CLUBBER ROCKED ROCKY!

“Beware The Beast, Man”

This epic quote has been thrown around from the Brain Trust for quite sometime now. Planet of the Apes is by far one of our favorite movies of all times, and the quotes in the film are that of legend. The way man is heading our future may end up like the one displayed in “Planet of the Apes” man is evil as the quote from the sacred ape scrolls suggest. To think the whole time what Taylor was looking for was right under his feet. Man is the highest form of evil ever to exist.


“Beware the beast Man, for he is the Devil’s pawn. Alone among God’s primates, he kills for sport or lust or greed. Yea, he will murder his brother to possess his brother’s land. Let him not breed in great numbers, for he will make a desert of his home and yours. Shun him; drive him back into his jungle lair, for he is the harbinger of death.”