HULK HATE TIME TRAVEL!!!(Behind the madness)

The Brain trust sat down one day at work spitting our usual random knowledge and we started to engage on a topic we often fantasy, time travel. I can’t count the numerous conversations we had on this topic, from Delorean’s to John Titor. All in all time travel is a topic we will never leave, a topic we love but for some it is a tragic burden. Hulk hates time travel; it disrupts his belly a lot I think. His primitive mind can’t handle the chronological difference. So if hulks parents don’t kiss he wont ever be born, ever be born.


Brother Menelik Ebna la-Hakim

4 Responses

  1. Hello braintrust….it is I the kryptonite wealding genius and I too like the hulk do not enjoy time travel..last time I embarked on a chronologic voyage I too had an upset stomach. Including nasea, heart burn, indigestion and diarhea. Now when I jump the time space continueum im always sure to pack the bismol….pepto that is

  2. word up lex, fuck superman son!

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