12 Monkeys

Nothing short of a classic! This move is about Bruce Willis going back in time to stop a virus that kills five billion people in 1996 and 97 forcing survivors to live underground. In the future there is Time Travel but its not precise at all, sometimes the traveler may end up close to the year they are trying to get to but at times its off by the span of 100 years. Brad Pitt plays a phenomenal role as a psycho in the loony bin who aids Bruce. Time waits for no man and in this outstanding film from Terry Gilliam, he makes you understand that. The overall theme is dark and gritty making the future seem bleak yet tangible. This movie is classic pick the DVD up pronto!

2 Responses

  1. Brilliant until the final act. It was a causality loop. Causality loops make no sense at all. They’re worse than temporal paradoxes. I can’t watch the otherwise fabulous film again because of it. Okay I’ve been watching sci-fi since I was in the womb. Doesn’t that make me an expert?

  2. I also been watching since in the womb so our expertise is matched. I do have to agree with you on the “Causality loop” which I often dislike in films, but in 12 Monkeys I believe it is vital to the overall production. But you prove a very good point Tooty.

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