NBA 2K9 Was Hot, Now Its Freezing


2K sports has been the hope for the sports gamer quite sometime now, offering up a great alternative to the demon which is EA Sports. One problem seems to persist with the 2K sports franchise is there god damn freezing issues! No its not your disc or your system, from reading online it boils down to 2K delivering an unfinished product. We can only hope 2K releases a patch to fix this issue which has been rampant in there pervious titles. I have an association with the Knicks and I can’t even complete a game without it freezing after the 1st quarter highlights!! 2K has showed us they have a great product but please take time to perfect the product, do you even test it? When ESPN 2K5 (regarded by some as the best football game made) came out it also suffered from slight freezing but what’s occurring in NBA 2K9 is ruining otherwise what would be a fantastic experience.
2K get it together please.

$9 Million In Marijuana Off The Streets


“MIAMI (CBS4) ― Nearly $9 million worth of marijuana won’t make it to the streets of South Florida following a drug sweep in Miami-Dade County.”Miami police teamed up with the DEA for “Operation Growing Pans” which focused on numerous hydroponics labs. The two agencies took down 36 ‘grow houses’ and made 39 arrests. Over 1500 plants were confiscated that equaled more than 2 thousand pounds of trees, street value = 9 million! Off the bat we all know Rick Ross was not involved in this matter in anyway he was a outstanding C.O. and does rap music now.  

They need to legalize this drug already, I know doctors, lawyers, swimmers, and a president who blazed and they doing ok for themselves! Now one must only wonder how much a ounce is gonna go up now.

Tracy Jordan 30 Rock Season Three Premier


Tonight (October 30th) means it’s time for the season 3 premier of 30 Rock at 9:30 tonight after the Office on NBC.  My favorite character on 30 rock has got to be Tracy Jordan (Morgan) check some of his memorable quotes. 

Werewolf Bar Mitzvah

JCVD – Return of the King

Segal or Van Damme that used to be the question, anyhow Van Damme is back and Kickin in his new flick JCVD set for release in theaters nationwide Nov. 7th.  peep the trailer below  The song in the trailer is “Hard Times” by Baby Huey and word to supreme clientele, practically makes the trailer.

Greg Oden (Mr. Glass) Out 2-4 Weeks

Gregory, Gregory, Gregory I mean what can I say? The 2nd year Rookie suffered a injury on opening night in the nationally televised game against the Lakers. The Blazers say that the injury is a mid-foot avulsion fracture that will hold him out for the next 2-4 weeks. The next couple of weeks were supposed to be games on the NBA schedule to showcase Oden against some powerful competition (Shaq, Tim Duncan, Dwight Howard). Oden (aka Mr. Glass) has seen better days, it seems every time things get ready to go in motion he stalls. Portland put your faith in Brandon Roy he’s reliable.
Damn you looking old Greg, I mean REALLY looking old bro. *Check out the Sam Jackson Section of the Blog*



Mike Epps – Big Girls

Mike Epps has got to be one of the funniest men alive, watch him dumb out in his new video Big Girls.

Ghostdeini The Great

Ghostface is set to drop yet another Def Jam release Nov. 25th. “Ghostdeini the Great” (“sitting at the table where the Gambino’s ate” -Cappa)   Below is the tracklisting, but don’t expect alot of new material, more than 1/2 of it you probably already heard on his previous releases.  Still, a track titled “ghostface christmas” has to get you pumped

  1. “Slept on Tony” (New)
  2. “Run” Remix (Feat. Jadakiss, Lil Wayne, Raekwon, Freeway)
  3. “Kilo Remix” (Feat. Raekwon & Pusha T)
  4. “Be Easy” Remix (Feat. Ice Cube)
  5. “Tony Segal” (aka Barrel Bros.) (Feat. Styles P & Beanie Sigel)
  6. “It’s Over”
  7. “Walk Around”
  8. “9 Milli Bros.” (Feat. Wu-Tang Clan)
  9. “Might Healthy”
  10. “Apollo Kids”
  11. “All I Got Is You” (Feat. Mary J Blige)
  12. “Cher Chez La Ghost”
  13. “Back Like That” Remix (Feat. Kanye West & Ne-Yo)
  14. “Street Opera” (Feat. Sun God)
  15. “You Know I’m No Good” (W/ Amy Winehouse)
  16. “The Champ” Remix
  17. “Ghostface Christmas”

Rare video for “Mighty Healthy” off of Supreme Clientele, which is also set to appear on the new album Ghostdeini The Great.

Boston Comic Con

I saw this poster at Newbury Comics recently thought I’d share, link for the site

I know # gets cut off its 508-320-1440 and the website is

Lil’ Wayne Disses Boston Fans, Jay-Z Steps Up

Yesterday was Monster Jam presented by Boston’s Jamn 94.5FM, Lil’ Wayne was one of the headliners of the show, and probably the biggest draw in for the event next to Jay-Z. Wayne seemed to always have a good thing with his fans but I’m letting you know now, Wayne made a crucial mistake on Tuesday night. Reports say it all came down to  metal detectors, Wayne and crew arrived early for a sound check when one of his crew let off metal detectors, this resulted in Wayne getting pissed and leaving. For over an hour concert promoters and his manager persuaded him to go back inside, after all that Wayne finally agreed and the detectors went off again. Wayne and crew then left, even when Boston Police on site suggested taking them to a private room to run the wand. Everyone else went through fine, even Jay-z and Lebron got checked! Wayne you really need to cut this diva shit, you doing ya thing I cant front on that but your skill does not require you to act like a lil bitch!


Oh yea props to Jay-Z for performing earlier and adding songs to his set, due to Wayne’s bitch move. Ok im ready, let the hate begin.

Joaquin Phoenix Steps Away From Acting

On Monday Oct, 20th at a Paul Newman benefit Joaquin Phoenix dropped some heavy news to Extra:

“I want to take this opportunity… also to give you the exclusive and just talk a little bit about the fact that this will be my last performance as an actor… I’m not doing Films anymore.”

Hmmm I really don’t know what to think of this news, Joaquin is not one of my top 5 actors but I must admit he holds his own and loved his work in “Gladiator” and “Walk the Line”. His choice to retire is his choice, he was also quoted saying that he’s working on music and other things. If the man feels he has done enough in film and wants to embark on another journey props to him! At least he didn’t leave when his career was on its last leg.