Plaxico Burress 8-miles himself in the Thigh

The New York Giants Pro Bowl Wide Reciever Plaxico Burress was recently released (11/29) from a New York Hospital for a gunshot wound to his right thigh, many sources are saying it was self-inflicted.  Burress was supposedly at the Latin quarter (shouts to dj camillo) in Manhattan when the shooting happened, I guess I will have to bench him this week in fantasy football against the Redskins.


It’s common knowledge that Shaq loves to play basketball and scrabble, funny new ESPN NBA commercial. 

Vanilla Bullshit Latte Cappa Things – Larry David

Funny moment from Curb Your Enthusiasm which truly captures how I feel everytime I get dragged to a Starbucks and have no idea what to order.    Milk and Coffee who woulda Thought?!!!??!

Lil’ Boosie – Touch Down

Touch Down taken from the Bad Azz Dvd by lil’ Boosie

Watch Boosie count his money with his kids in front of his car, in his native streets of South Baton Rouge (Been Retarded) and make sure to watch through the end for his uncle. (also from the classic Bad Azz DVD) 

Straight Cash Homey – Randy Moss

The always funny Kenny Mayne from ESPN did this special for Randy Moss in his record-setting year last season.  It surrounds around Moss hosting a game show called Straight Cash Homey enjoy.

No Said Date – Masta Killa

No Said Date, from Masta Killa’s debut in 2004, was the first single so I’m throwing it up, but for real go and get yourself familiarized with this album, the best wu record since supreme clientele in my opinion.  Masta Killa stepped out from behind the GZA and dropped a truly classic album



The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button


I heard of the short story many years ago by F. Scott Fitzgerald and thought it was amazing. A man born old who ages young was so interesting to me because I thought how life would have to be, the people who seen you as old, when they get old you become younger. I love movies like this that make you think and see through the characters eyes, and sometimes feel there sorrow.

The overall feel seems very distant, which is not bad but it makes you connect with Brad Pitt. I think once again Mr. Pitt has done it. The film is directed by David Leo Fincher, and if you know his work then you know the movie is in very good hands. I know I will be watching this Christmas.

When You Suck the Money outta my Ass!

Watch a typical argument between two of the most colorful characters from the Sopranos (Christopher Moltisanti & Paulie Gaultieri) 

Scientology Guards Kill Samurai Sword Yielding Man

This past sunday (Nov 23rd) at the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre in Hollywood a security guard shot and killed a man brandishing two samurai swords.  The man turned out to be a former scientologist.   Now when I saw this on TV my mind immediately ran wild as it so often does mainly because of the film Battlefield Earth and the fact the dude was “yielding swords”  I am not too familiar with scientology itself except for it’s high-profile celebrities (tom cruise, john travolta etc.) and it “teaches that people’s immortal souls, or thetans, lived among extraterrestrial cultures before being trapped in human bodies on Earth by the galactic dictator Xenu 75 million years ago”  Who knows right?  Anyways… why on earth is a man attacking security guards with two samurai swords in the first place? did Ker Bango have something to do with this?