Spike Jonze Apreciation

Pharcyde – Drop, extremely creative video for the Hip-Hop Quartet.

 How They Get There, a short film featuring the Skateboard legend and artist Mark Gonzales, later bit by a pepsi add.  Gap Commercial, don’t sleep. 

 Being John Malkovich trailer, classic movie one of Spike’s first feature films that he directed. 

 Girl Skate Video’s trailer, Spike I believe had a hand in all of these skate-classics. 

 Introduction to Lakai’s (skateboard shoe company) Fully Flared

 WaxSouthern California, classic Spike, I know most everyone remember’s this video and the controversy surrounding it when the video hit the scene back in 95. 

 Spike Jonze has directed countless other music videos(Beastie Boys  Sabotage, Weezer  Buddy Holly, Kanye West   Flashing Lights, Dinosaur Jr.  Feel The Pain, Fatboy Slims Praise You and Weapon of Choice) commercials, acted in Three Kings as the memorable Conrad alongside Ice Cube George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg plus directed a handful of  films(Adaptation, Jackass, Jackass 2 and Video Days) all of which are definately worth checking out.  Spike is also wrapping up the film Where the Wild Things Are which is based off of my favorite children’s story of the same name about young Max himself so stay tuned for more.


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