Eddie Jordan Fired As Head Coach Of Wizards


Eddie Jordan was fired as head coach of the Washington Wizards today after beginning the season 1-10. The last blow had to be the loss Saturday to the shorthanded Knicks 122-117. I cant really say much, Eddie is a decent coach but never really done enough to show me he’s the truth. Ed Tapscott director of player development for the Wizards will replace Jordan, hopefully now they can strive for win #2 of the 09-10 NBA Season.


Right before Thanksgiving, aint that a bitch.

3 Responses

  1. It’s a shame because that squad has alot of talent, arenas, caron butler, haywood, d stevenson and antwan jamison. I enjoyed watching these boys go head to head with the cavs in the playoffs the last couple years and who could forget the paul pierce vs. arenas games of a few years back

  2. this is tru bro but i think they should trade agent zero, he is one hell of a scorer but he takes up alot of cap and how far will he go?

  3. To get fired is surely a shame but we actually cannot question Wizards decision….. they may have took the decision after a hole lot of brain storming with the other members.. I am really feeling bad for him


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