Steven Segal:Lawman


A&E is currently in the process of a new reality show starring Steven Segal. This non-fiction series will follow him working as a deputy with the Jefferson Parish County Sheriff’s Office in New Orleans. First off this is the real deal, Steven has been moonlighting as a cop for quite sometime so his arm breaking skills should be of good use now. Segal seems to have strong ties with Louisiana he’s noted for also assisting in the recovery effort after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.


Many will say this move is perfect timing to rival Jean Claude with his new flick JCVD, but for a ol action head like me what is not to love??? I got two of my stars back in the limelight, damn it’s like1993 all over!

4 Responses

  1. A & E Is one of my favorite channels, I am a law student presently and I love the First 48 hrs, and shows similar to them.. Keep up the good work. I am thinking about getting into the criminal justice field, not because of the shows, but I would like to work in that field, I am presently working on my Bachelors of Science in Family Law/Alternative dispute, but would like to work with at risk teens and C.A.S.A. god knows they need all the help they can get.

    I am sure I will watch it, as I do like some of his movies
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  2. To me, steven segal is the real deal. He takes care of things quickly in his movies. I am sixty-two years old and I still am his biggest fan. I have all of his dvds as a collection, and I treasure them. winford L. Mclearran 176 bill hunter road..celina,tennessee 38551 thank you mr. segal

  3. A year later….. finally this shit is going to be on. Dec. 2nd on A&E, check your local listings. Should be amazing, this man is one of my heroes

  4. Wow, where do i start, i love stevens movies and hes always been so smooth , calm and collective, I thought it was just his character. After watching his lawman show, I have to say this man is so loving, caring, stress free and truly humble in everything he does, all the languages he knows, he is very buisness like no matter what the situation, he can find the good in every situation. I myself had a drug problem for 15 years and am finally clean. It will be a year in november 2010. Steven has learned so much and i realize how much he has done to make him who he is. Me trying to get my life and friends back has been so hard and in a perfect world steven would read this and respond for a lil pep talk. he has made me realize how much i have missed but also what i can gain in the future. i detoxed myself cuz rehab was beyond my means of money, i was sick for 3 weeks n living sober for the 1st time was so scary and overwhelmed. thank you steven, jefferson parish is a lucky town to have an amazing person like you. Hope all is well with you and your family is well and ty for being an inspiration in my life. sincerely Erica Starkey

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