M.O.P. – Blood, Sweat and Tears (Belly Soundtrack)


When I first saw Hype Williams “Belly” I had to say I was not impressed at all. I thought Nasir’s acting was horrible and DMX was too erratic, once again I didn’t learn to appreciate the incredible visual Hype presented and the goon image so well portrayed by DMX. Now I can say I love Nas’ Character in the flick, there is always that dude in ya crew who wants out, who wants more and has just a little bit more focus and Nas did a good job on that.


This song right here me and my goons smoked many an “L” too, when this shit dropped it had that melodic feeling but at the same time some gun gangsta shit! MOP LIVE ON, WE NEED THAT RAW SHIT COME BACK MOP!

2 Responses

  1. thanks for the comment.
    belly’s visuals was crazy, considering it came out over 10 years ago!

    be sure to keep checkin my blog, im droppin a mixtape soon!


  2. Not impressed huh? Nas and DMX are not Actors I would not have gone into the film expecting A “5” star performance, I thought the acting was what it neeeded to be. The story was deep. Try walking in someone elses shoes. its not a movie to me its a message. You didnt Learn to appreciate the The “goon” “thug” image” HA, Why should it be glorified and i hope its not to most. ” Help me to stop the destruction of the young mind through the use of drugs and alcohol” ” help me to to build a population of great thinkers through thoughtfulness” Im not a religous man but i hope that movie made people think about more than weather they thought it had a good “thug appeal”. I hope this Generation gets its shit together. KNOWLEDGE! pack yo brains bruh!

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