Rosco P. Coldchain Involved In Double Homicide


Amin Porter a.k.a. Rosco P. Coldchain was behind bars this weekend for allegedly being involved in a double homicide in Philadelphia. A young man was shot to death on Thursday, Dec. 18th, the unnamed victim died at the hospital. Another man was said to be killed, but no confirmation was available at press time.


I liked Rosco too he had a unique flow and swag to him, GOT DAMN!

3 Responses

  1. he cant seem to stay outta trouble, can he?

  2. Don’t believe everything you hear. The 15th district is some bullshit. Just like they thought that a black man killed the lil boy Timmy Clark and Damion and come to find out it was two white boys to which one of them where Damions baby’s mother brother….Don’t believe what you read coming out of the Northeast..

  3. […] Nigga featuring fellow Philly native/Star Trak affiliate Ab-Liva.  Roscoe was arrested back in 08 for his connection to a double homicde, damn shame cot […]

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