Ante Up – M.O.P. (burt & ernie)

I don’t know what it is about Ernie from sesame street yelling “kidnap that fool!” but I like it. 

I just saw Lil Fame & Billy Danze at the MiddleEast in Cambridge MA last night, all I gotta say is if you get a chance see MOP live they off the chain!   Here is the regular video for Ante Up

Officer Ricky Go Ahead Try Me – 50 Cent

Damn, 50 is talkin’ that shit again, I don’t know or care how this whole thing started between him and the big Bossman from Miami.  Apparently the records in response to the recent Rick Ross track “Mafia Music” where Ricky took a few shots at 50.  This song itself isn’t anything new, fif just jokes about Ross’s weight and how he used to be a corrections officer, on the last verse he calls Rick Ross just the appetizer and is baiting Lil wayne to say something.  Oh and by the way 50’s album is about to drop in March, go figure.  (can’t deny this man knows how to sell)



In a recent interview Shaq stated that he loved coach Phil Jackson and ex teammate Kobe Bryant and still had love for them. After being named to the nba allstar game for a record 15th time, questions came up about how he would interact with his fellow allstar.”kobe and I were the best big man lil man 1,2,punch EVER” shaq states that there was never any bad blood between the 3 and that it was all publicity and marketing and that the tabloids were fueled by the trio intentionally…”im the smartest player in the world”  stated shaq. well… i dont know about that shaquille but its always fun to watch him and kobe get down so i will be watching on feb 15….


lets hope shaq doesnt get a flash back of how he “helped” the media with this “publicity stunt” that definately fueled the tabloids…





THEY LIVE is an all time 80’s classic starring Keith David and Rowdy Roddy Piper this was one of my favorites growing up. but after watching it when your older and understanding how the world works, this movie offers a refreshing what if…. not to mention that there is an awesome plot, a XXL helping of action and, the BEST fight scene ive seen in a long time. Watch for the first time or watch it again…. its time well spent.

John Crow – Jimmy Cliff

       I’ve always been a big Jimmy Cliff fan, with that said cinemax has been showing the classic 1990 Segal film “Marked for Death” quite a bit lately and each time I catch it, I damn sure watch it.  Anyway in the scene where Segal is at the club in Kingston, Jimmy Cliff is performing the song “John Crow” enjoy the classic below. 

Isley Brothers – Footsteps in The Dark Parts I&II


I always loved the Ice Cube song “Today was a good day”, but for some reason i felt like i heard the beat before when i was younger with my father.  After years it finally hit me the sample is from the Isley Brothers classic “Footsteps in the dark”, I remember cause my father would always play this in his thunderbird on cassette. He would to sip his high life and smoke his joint and go on voyage, like father like son I guess………………. but I prefer the dutch.

For you pops.

Footsteps in The Dark Parts I&II

When oppurtunity…….. claws??


periwinkles resteraunt located at the Oxford and Auburn line in massachusetts,came under scrutiny after selling lobster roadside and in their resteraunt that were obtained in a trucking accident on the nearby route 20. after the truck spilled hundreds of pounds of lobster on to the road way employees of periwinkles resturant could be seen selling bundles of the lobster in the parking lot…heres where it gets good….police soon after siezed all lobster from the resteraunt, even from boiling pots!! but the resteraunt and owners were cleared of any and all criminal charges!!..i guess in mass its finders keepers ….till the cops come ha!  bon apetit ue!!


Zombies in Austin Texas

So apparently in Austin Texas their are zombies running wild and on the loose, we could only hope.  What really happened is that some pranksters hacked into the street sign (which is easy to do) and replaced the message with “The End is Near” and “Caution Zombies Ahead”   This is a good one up there with the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Mooninites prank from almost exactly two years ago in Boston.

Here is a link to the whole Zombie story,2933,484326,00.html

Life’s a Gamble – Cappadonna ft. Raekwon & Ratchet

Although this track leaked a couple years ago as an uncomplete solo Raekwon record, it has since resurfaced as a complete song on Cappadonna’s new album Slang Prostitution. (Tracklisting & Audio samples for Cappa’s new album “Slang Prostitution” which was released 1/27/09)

Janky Promoters a hit or just another “wannabe” Friday


janky promoters set to hit theaters in march starring Mike Epps, Ice Cube, and Young Jeezy claims to be step above cube and epps previous romps together. Honestly i hope so i loved friday and could tolerate its sequels but i really would like to see something new so lets hope that jeezy can bring somethin to the table in this one and make a new summer comedy classic worth paying money to see….