Fried Chicken and the Blackman

I need a GE Range BOSS!

I need a GE Range BOSS!

fried_chicken2 Even the most sophisticated of blacks could resist a plate of beautiful golden fried chicken. I think its something in our souls that makes us embrace the fried chicken with such delight, the way our mothers and grandmothers floured it up, seasoned it just right, and then fried it to perfection. A nigger loves his fried chicken that’s well known, you can see him with his 40 ounce talking his nonsense neck full of gold loving that fried delicacy. Its funny cause from the most light skinned to the darkest, fried chicken holds no prejudice. It’s one of those things you know, a lot of blacks who become successful or affluent like to turn away from the things that might be too “negro”, but chicken is a Blackman’s kryptonite. To this day the smell of some Kentucky Fried still makes me hard! Popeye’s though, holds a special place in my heart, I have to drive across state lines into Providence to get that shit, and I do so with pleasure.kfcjn1

No one can deny the splendor and glory of some bomb ass fried chicken.

15 Responses

  1. lol yes indeed my friend, fried chicken knows no bounds when it comes to bringing the black man to his knees with its inticing aromas and crunchy golden brown texture. as a frequent handler of kryptonite myself, i would more willingly compare the power of that suculant and juicy fried chicken on a blackman,to that of a heroin addict waiting for that next hit…telling myself “i dont need it” but i soon as that homely smell of fried chicken penetrates my nose and puts my brain into a wild cave man like hypnosis……all that is left to say is i gotta have it….lol…it’ll make you fight the colonel himself for that bucket of golden goodness like them niggas right there

  2. Yo, is that the same white dude in that pic, from the police academy movies? Lloyd Bridges I think his name is

  3. I’m white and i still die for some fried chicken

  4. As far as African Americans have come, you still refuse to quit calling yourself a Nigga…….grow up!!! Also, when you do decide to open your eyes, notice the race of the people at Popeyes, KFC, etc…..they are not all African American. All races eat fried chicken. Wake up and stop degrading yourself!!! By the way, Paula Dean (a white woman) makes the best fried chicken ever.

  5. i was searching for images of fried chicken and i found your site. i still cant decide which is better. Popeye or KFC?

    I am Filipino and i love me some fried chicken. only white meat though. with some cole slaw and i am in heaven. i would really like to try some home made kriptonite though. every time i try to make a batch it doesn’t turn out to be as potent.

  6. fuck paula dean my nigga

    • lol paula dean who? that lady never made any fried chicken for me…”suprised”. shit i’d be surprised too if i thought paula dean made the best fried chicken

  7. Yo, Menelik doesn’t care about black people, we some ABN’s for real

  8. i only care bout gold chains, pagers, jordans and dope money

  9. why is “Surprised” so mad ??? doesnt he see the comic book cover with “BlackMan” busting out of the chains ?? doesnt he know friend chicken gave him that quick burst of super power ?? for peeps sake man , he’s holding a chicken breast in each one of his hands

  10. Bro. Menelik when we going to get some Popeyes? I luv that! I need a bucket of just wings man! I want concentrated skin/crust, forget about all the meat! lol. But don’t get me started on Golden Coral fried chicken, I’m feeling the vapors! lol.

  11. By the way Bro. Men, i had Popeyes this past Sunday without you! couldn’t wait! lol.

  12. popeyes is like a ray of sunshine

  13. You’re funny. Man it sucks being a vegetarian. I miss me some chicken fa real. stop by and read me sometime.

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