Donovan – Atlantis/Goodfellas (Billy Batts)


Way down below the ocean………where I wanna be. This song is a fucking classic, I heard this first on Goodfellas and fell in love with it. Maybe it was the scene where Joe Pesci fucks up Billy Bats in the bar, or maybe it’s the hypnotic melody Donovan provides, either way I love it. Paul McCartney does background vocals on Atlantis and to me if you got a Beatle anywhere around you, its going to be epic. Click below to listen to the classic.
Also for your enjoyment the classic “Billy Batts” scene from Goodfellas………now go home and get your fucking shine box! Shit’s gangsta.

7 Responses

  1. Frank Vincent is hands down one of the greatest, I recently learned he was supposed to be in A Bronx Tale playing the role of Sonny’s boss, very dissapointed it never came to fruition

  2. fuckin classic

  3. “theres only one irishman here”

  4. song is damn near impossible to find

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