Boyz N The Hood (Movie)/ Ice Cube – A Bird In The Hand


Boyz N The Hood is a hood classic which offers many memorable moments. Today my focus though is on one particular part that has stood out to me the most. The part which I speak of is when Cuba is crossing the street after the cookout and those niggas in the red Hyundai pull up. This moment is so pivotal within the movie because here you have the aggressors, and here you have the moment that changes the movie’s direction entirely. The part is so gangsta for real, the way Cuba just stands there shaking looking down the barrel of that shotgun, classic. The music in the background is Ice Cube’s “A Bird in the hand” off his Death Certificate album which sets the mood dramatically. What I present for you today is Ice Cube’s “A bird in the hand” (Classic track) and a clip from that pivotal moment along with a few others in Boyz N The Hood.

Ice Cube’s “A Bird In The Hand” beat was jus recently used in 50 Cents new song the “Mechanic” but it not worth even to mention.


6 Responses

  1. i love the part when they all break out when they hear someone shooting you can see ricky run into a parked car tryin to get away lol classic reaction to machine gun fire lmao but for real this flick changed my life big ups XXL

  2. That Ice cube track is bananas.
    Look at the license plate that just says Mac Dad…priceless….like cuba’s shirt
    singleton crafted a masterpiece

  3. that is the best part when the pull the hammer out the red vehicle

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