Genius/GZA – Liquid Swords


When Gza dropped his classic “Liquid Swords” I was in awe. Wu was already the gods to me and when I heard Gza had a album out I knew I had to hear it. I can still remember seeing the video for the first time, watching rza and gza walk on the clock, genius. The sample was a steady chop accompanied with head nodding drums, which felt like one is in a state of constant agreement. Rza was so raw in Wu’s early days, you can hear the gritty production all over the track.

Some had to snort cocaine to act insane before pete rocked it on.


4 Responses

  1. its so funny that you posted this i was just listening to the 4th chamber and was like oh shit i should do suttin about the gza and back in the day when niggas used to pump that shit… and then this popped up. we should stop under estimating our psychic abilities…

  2. i dont think its the psychic abilities i just think its that green kryptonite . 4th chamber is the shit and definitely gets play in my ride, the production was fuckin bananas

  3. All day errday. Entire Catalogue. Crispy clean; NO caffeine.

  4. I flow like the blood on a murder scene

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