Killarmy – Wu-Renegades


One thing about HHTT is that we have a deep love affair with Wu Tang Clan, as you already can tell. Wu dominated each member of the braintrust’s life growing up, and I think I can speak for Rev and Lex that there will never be a more influential rap group. When Killarmy dropped Wu-Renegades everything paused, each member displayed lyrical genius over an agonizingly frantic piano sample. The video was as dark as the lyrics, capturing the true feeling of the streets deeper than any prior Wu release. HHTT now presents Wu-Renegades, Prepare your self now for the 6 man wedding.

2 Responses

  1. that sick ass piano oh man this is my shiiiiit. killa sin is the man he was always my fav…i remember blastin this shit through the hood through kilby and newbury and cats just look and be like “oh shit who’s that B that shit is sick”..killa sins verse is the shit..we see the jakes and motivate cuz half are team be holdin wieght we march across the golden gate bridge my mind is in a soldier’s state forever real……

  2. Killa Sin is on another level for real. I still got this tape!

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