Gun Range Death

A Florida woman who killed her son and herself at a shooting range Sunday wrote in a note that “I had to send my son to heaven and myself to Hell,” the Orlando Sentinel reports. Marie Moore, 44, shot her son Mitchell, 20, in the head with a rented gun while he was aiming downrange, then turned it on herself. WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON IN THIS WORLD???!!!??? I remember when the bad guys were the creeps that were hanging around the playground, or the junkies robbing the corner store and shit but now you have seemingly average, “normal” people killing left and right. From cops getting ambushed to a father killing his 5 kids and himself, to a young man trying to kill his family, and a little girl getting brutally decapitated. How do we trust anyone? Honestly it seems like the gangsta’s and drug dealers are safer to hang out with now. Atleast you know if some shit is about to pop off with them, not like hangin with some soccer mom that snaps and drives her van off a bridge….shit is ridiculous lately. Watch the vids of this sick ass woman who thought she was the dam anti-christ…

12 Responses

  1. truly a sign of the times bro, the drug dealer has def moved up in my eyes, shit some of my best friends are drug dealers, real talk

  2. Damn, that was cold! What I don’t get is she must’ve showed signs of mental illness before this, why would they let her handle a gun in the first place?

  3. lol, this bitch is buggin. who the fuck shoots their son in the back of the head ??? poor kid, i think he was buggin tooo though. i know that if my mom was in and out of a mental hospital the last thing i would do is let her stand behind me with a loaded weapon. i think that nigga set himself up for failure. i know someone will see this and think im fucked up. but its common sense, would you let a person who has mental illness issues be any where near you with a deadly weapon ?? if you would, then you will end up just like this kid

  4. lol i feel you t… it is hard to not trust your mom but if you know this chic is crazy then you dont turn your back..honestly i love my mama but i wouldnt turn my back on her with a loaded gun..shit i might be behind her…to supervise either way i dont know how this bitch thought she was the antichrist though

  5. WTF?
    That is so F*ed up!
    We all need to pull together and help each other out. Everyone needs help, and someone is there for you. Just friggin find them. Seriously.
    Life ends soon enough. Don’t rush it.

  6. yes kim, you are correct. we do need help, its just scary to think that its getting harder to trust the ones that we are supposed to be trusting to help us.

  7. na Av we got another 1000 years on the earth because of the lovely contribution made by the antichrist.


  9. stupid lady. first, she had a case of mental illnes, second, she was under the influence, and third, that was pretty f*cked up. she doesn’t know anything about religion. at least she’ll rot in hell. if she was the antichrist, why would she kill her son. what a dumb b*tch. well, its america.

  10. Why are these comments so mean-spirited and cruel? This is a tragedy of immeasurable proportions that is indicative of the terrible condition our society is in. Don’t you feel sympathetic for those who suffer so intensely? “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you?” Of course horrible situations could multiply with anybody so as to place any individual in a hopeless, dead-end situation. Homelessness to somebody who has led an otherwise successful life previously is a frightening prospect. If you’ve been reading the news you’ll remember that billionaires that have lost their fortunes due to the greed and corruption of others have also ended their lives. Imagine you were a victim of Bernie Madoff and lost virtually everything due to no fault of your own, but rather to the criminal stealing of your retirement money by monstrously greedy counsellors. The insensitivity of some of these posts is upsetting.

  11. @ sun ra…is it really the post that is upsetting or the actual event that took place? Honestly if you ask me this is a situation that could have clearly been prevented…any person suffering from potentially life threatening mental illness who refuses to comply with they’re treatment should never be allowed to own a gun or be allowed in a shooting range….secondly if you watch and listen to the video, she clearly believes that she is the anti-christ…I’ve known of many people becoming hopeless but I have to say none of those people believed that they were the anti-christ and felt that they had to murder their own children. So to clearify, your right, I have no compassion or empathy for this woman…AT ALL. Her son however did not deserve to die for what his mother felt that she needed to do. And for him, is where my compassion and sorrow lies. HE is truly the victim of this horrible act of violence.

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