I just figured it was time for me to blow off a lil steam. So lets start with WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON IN THIS WORLD??? every news paper, magazine,tv channel,radio station, i.e. every means of communication; is nothing but  fuckin negativity. I’m sayin that shit is so ridiculous right now, that you’ve got people gettin held up for fried chicken? are you serious? and what the fuck is going on with these families? I can’t even keep up with the amount of kids that have been killed in just this year alone and that shit makes me sick to my stomach. You got this crazy bitch ova here thinkin she tha gotdamn antichrist who shoots her son in the back of his head,plus that sick bastard that cut off his little sisters head, killed his older sister and stabbed another, the father that killed his 5 kids then himself, and the latest one that I heard was this fuckin sunday school teacher kidnapped,raped and murdered her daughters 8yr old friend, stuffed her in a suitcase and threw her in a lake…what the fuck? …And if seeing all of that shit on the news 24/7  isn’t enough to make you sick then you have to deal with the fact that America is going bankrupt. Every fuckin day we gotta here about “the recession” and how these huge bailouts are being granted to these corporate banks that are still sending their CEO’s on vacations to the bahama’s and shit…..what the fuck? We’ve got the whole world laughin at us right now and on top of that you got people trying to make a big fuckin deal about Barrack respecting other religions, and going to muslim countries and respecting their beliefs and shit… nigga please. obama has never had a fuckin bean pie in his life, and I know that nigga love bacon. But seriously Barrack is as black as Michael Rappaportbarackocarterso all you fuckin uppity catholics can relax cuz this nigga ain’t gonna be no fuckin muslim… And who the fuck wants to watch tv anymore? not me. Everything is fuckin reality this reality that, if I wanted reality I would step out of my front door. Its not even reality tv, its just tv scripts set to imitate real life situations. I’ve made reality tv and its not that shit you see on tv. Come to the hood and shoot some reality tv and I guarantee that shit will be WAY different from what you see on MTV or any of these fake fuckin shows. Reality is me watchin the news and smokin a blunt cuz im sick of  what America has come to. Where the fuck is clinton? this shit wouldnt have happened if he were here. But thanks to this fuckin geniusgeorge_bush-12777the country that my ancestors worked so hard to build is in shambles…that’s right MY ancestors for over 400 years built this country with our blood sweat and tears. We were not paid, in fact, we paid with our lives in the belief that this would be the greatest country to ever exist. Its funny sometimes to think, why would we have such faith in this country? I guess thats because we’ve been sold the hopes to obtain the american dream. Shit its always suttin to shut us up. From 40 acres and a mule to these bullshit stimulus checks, america is full of false promises. But hey, what can you do? Its the american way…do you see anything wrong with it?american-way

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  1. Hmm. I feel your frustration, and I am sick of the same things. What we have to do is tune out the negativity, and focus on what we have. God, the only true and perfect existence in our lives. He controls everything, and it is up to us to make a difference in this world by doing what he wants us to do. Ask yourself, and God, what is my passion, and is it what God equipped me to do?

    Love you brother, and keep your head up!


  2. Michael Rappaport is blacker then Obama, haha cucamunga cracka killers lol you right tho, rappaport is a hood dude don’t get it twisted. Shit as far as tv, if you don’t got HBO, don’t bother. They got sopranos, the wire, curb your enthusiasm, bill maher and entourage (thats good tv or I be damned) Stimulus checks, sheeeeyaaattt, still waiting on mine. 40 acres and a mule, I quote mike epps, “40oz and a pitbull”
    stay on the grind lex, don’t sweat this bullshit

  3. Haha! We thought we were going to take a break from Republican B.S., but the joke’s on us! These guys are determined to take us down with them!

  4. fair skinned niggas always do this, we need a dark president someone like bill dukes shade cause to me obama jus a fakie, that nigga be trying to sound extra black with his preacher voice but MLK mastered that baby u aint no warrior. MLK my nigga he went through hell niggas even RIP him and he still live on and shit obama shook, he need to drink a 40 drive a cadillac get a gold chain some jordans and fry some chicken cause thats the only thing a nigger know!

  5. man i’m only half way done lol but it feels good to see yall are feelin where im comin from but ima keep trucking my way through the bullshit….heh its the american way lol

  6. Word up!!! I hear ya talking man. The one thing to remeber is that he is still a politician and they always talk a good game. Look back at history and you’ll see what I mean. Yatta yatta this, yatta yatta that and at the end of the day they chillin with there feet up maxin, you know.

  7. thats exactly what it is man they stay set for life anyway sit on old slave money and shit

  8. […] posted “so fed up” on my brother site hulk hate time and I touched on a few of the issues in the […]

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