Artifacts – Wrong Side Of Da Tracks



Here is a track I will never forget, its from the group Artifacts and the song is Wrong Side Of Da Tracks. The beat is a bass filled smooth melody that is as rugged as hell but still maintains its smoothness. Artifacts was El Da Sensei and Tame One both from Newark, this track was there homage to graffiti which in my opinion is a damn good tribute. When I first started rapping this would be one of the beats everyone jumped on, T.O.D. and I filled notebooks to this shit right here. Download Artifacts – Wrong Side Of Da Tracks

3 Responses

  1. real talk this is and was my anthem back in the fat-cap era, I too was out to bomb like vietnam, Salute to Tame One and the sensei

  2. I remember me and brotha men looped the instrumental to this on some of his moms old church tapes…we would let the beat play for hours while him and T legacy used to rip it on the karaoke….91 murray days live on

  3. i just listened to it on youtube ah man this shit bring back mad memories, didnt ben allotey have this on the end of youth session ?? if he didnt i know he had something similiar, niggas was ripping that karaoke to pieces

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