Panama Cricket Girls

The newest internet phenomenon which I am sure you noticed on all the other sites, these fine senoritas were spotted at a Panamanian Cricket match.

As Project Pat would say Good Googily Moggily That Thang is Juicy!

22 Responses

  1. son, god damn, the lord works in mysterious ways. oye como ya uno dos and shit

  2. oh dear god

  3. The best hearts designs i have ever seen.

  4. If I had one of these girls you wouldn’t see me for a year…

  5. dood thats so gross…
    im mean thats cool if you are into fat asses.. literally but ewww not for me.

  6. OH MY THATS NICE !!!!!!!!!!

  7. im not 100% positive about this but any one who can look at these bunz, these oh so juicy and plump bunz, and say ewww they’re gross….is 98% most likely to have a little penis… lol. my apologies if i have offended anyone who can’t appreciate a beauti “full” ass…or anyone who is reproductively inclined…. thank you.

  8. I want to perform unspeakable acts on them asses

  9. Ba-dow Ba-dow, I TELL YOU…. all i would say is correct ,, my kinda azz.. i flyin 2 ur home town in search of…….lol beauty—full

  10. crying out loud since they are photoshoped

  11. These photos are fake! I have seen the real pictures on line. Those girls have small asses in the real pictures.

  12. no shit sherlock, nothings perfect in this world

  13. i can still dream cant i ??

  14. i hate photoshop ass dead up, i like thick thighs along with gigantic booty niggas want that fantasy shit i dont mind some stretch marks bee

  15. How do you know the skinny ass pictures aren’t photoshoped? Huh? Huh? Don’t piss on my parade pal! lol

  16. Dammit Man! I Thought They Was Real.My Girl Gotta Fatty..But Ghat Damn In The Words Of My Man Katt This Shit Right Here Nigga?!?! BootyFULL.. & Whats Up With The Shit Bout Not Likin’ Fat Asses? Seriously If That Was Real You Wouldnt Smash? If You Say No Your Gay..No Questions Rebuttles, Or Debates

  17. Now I’ve been to panama courtesy of the united states army and yes it’s all the same!!!!! I had a ball the few months I was there. I stiil think about the shawties I came across…… My, my, my. Looks just like those thoroughbreds on the criket team……. Lord help me!!!!!!

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