7 Responses

  1. :O
    Looking forward to your update!
    be back soon

  2. lots o love for my crew that is, no love to them other crews and rival kids,all them outta town nillas know what time it is, and if they dont? they need to buy a watch wordup! -mobb version is my shit infamous queens all the same, this jawn gets play on touchtones whenever I’m in the spot

  3. this is that high school jeep music, and you got the remix!! HHTT aint playing

  4. sorry so long el, but we had to do it right, the remix is so sick i had to post this one ll rips it hard! 14 shots to the dome no joke

  5. The design for your website is a bit off in Chrome. Nevertheless I like your website. I may have to install a “normal” browser just to enjoy it. 🙂

  6. Can’t live without my radio

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