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  1. BROTHERS JOHNSON!!! holy shit you guys on point! the photoshoot is sick, good flair for the camera. the eyes bug me out!

  2. thank you and thanks for feeling it, we just who we are
    HHTT thats all we know and we want people to hear our side of things.

  3. word to ya mutha…lol nah but for real thanks for the props

  4. Hi I discovered this website by accident, I was searching Yahoo for Designer Fashion when I found your blog, I must say your website is very cool I truely think the layout, its astounding!. I’m strapped for time right now to totally read your website but I have saved the location of it and also signed up for your RSS feeds. I will be back when I free up some time. Thanks for a great webpage.

  5. thanks debbie and dont be a stranger ima check ya site out also anything to do w/fashion HHTT likes!

  6. Hey fellas, like that photo shoot. Lex you soo nasty! lol. Bro. Men got that GQ on the go pose going on. LOL. Get it!

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