Wu Tang Clan – Little Ghetto Boys


My mom was always in my ear as a kid asking “what are you going to do when you grow up!”  I never realized that it meant one day I would have to take responsibility. So you know when I heard Wu’s “Little Ghetto Boys” I was hooked like a mutha. The production is stellar using a Donnie Hathaway sample, over rugged drums. I love the intro with the female cop and Raekwon going at it, if you ask me this is one of Wu’s most slept on tracks.raekwon

3 Responses

  1. “she fainted at her baby wake now yo watch the breakdown” damn chef shines remarkable on this one. Cappachino the great tells it how it is tho “you not a real brother you just a fake type that get on the mic and through ya cliche, half the east coast soundin just like Rae” honorable mention to snoop and dre’s version on the chronic, but this one kills it no doubt.

  2. dre’s was ok but i think this was far superior

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