Shaquille O’Neal – (I know I got) Skillz


You can front on Shaq if you want but when he first came out he came hard. I remember when I was young I thought Shaq was dope and today I still think so but in a slightly different way. Now I understand the genius which is Shaq, with lines like “cream you like cheese spread you on my bagel” you cant go wrong. Def Jef on the feature holds his own but Shaq is the true star here, the beat has a west coast feel and Shaq attacks it relentless. Who else you know punch the Statue of Liberty in the stomach and don’t  give a heck! HHTT APPROVED E.T. Extra Tallams Shaquille O\’Neal – (I know I got) Skillz

5 Responses

  1. lol dam that was sooo long ago but shaq was doin it…yo you know you gotta put cant stop the rain on here now lol “masta of disasta 7 foot 3” lol….. Yo why shack look like Bokheem Woodbine’s big brother in this lmao

  2. lol u stupid he lean on the staue of liberty when he get tired

  3. my shit was “outstanding” lol. I also had the magic t-shirt with the shattered backboard behind the logo. I would be wearing it right now if I still owned it haha

  4. lol i used to walk to the worcester fashion outlets just to look at T.W.I.S.M. shirts and the shaqnosis reeboks i was too broke to buy… brotha men remembers those days

  5. […] already know around here @ HHTT we been fuckin with Shaq as a rapper (E.T. = Extra Tall ums)  Below is the song You Can’t Stop The Reign featuring the late, great Biggie Smalls from […]

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