Clyde Smith (Knuckles)


Shallah Raekwon was truly in rare form delivering some of the realest G talk I have ever heard. This shit is classic fo real, that OG type shit, Ronald Regan, Muppet Babies era type shit! Fuck 50.

4 Responses

  1. This was the cherry on top, from supreme clientele…
    “tom and jerry shit”
    “and ya haircut game is fucked up”
    “I’m from the wally era”
    “i’ma have bout 500 wolves on you, and thats Muuah, thats word to everything”
    too many quotables on this, wish I coulda heard this tantrum live, I’d be rolling.

  2. he gonna punch in the mouth if you say something slick

  3. tttssshhh….if you want somethin ask me for it lol classic chef

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