Now You See It – Pitbull feat. Jump Smokers

Now You See It has Mr. 305 teamed up with the Jump Smokers over a House beat sure to keep the clubs bouncing this summer.  Look for Now You See It to drop on Pibull’s upcoming Rebelution in September.Download/Stream–>

Besides finishing up his new album Pitbull has also been busy doing shows and touring the country. In case you missed it at a recent show during a performance of Mentirosa, some clown towards the front decided to “Make it Rain” on the rapper and Pitbull took it into his own hands so to speak, enjoy.

4 Responses

  1. lol love pit, he dont give a fuck he on coke like crazy he bang a nigga and still sing in a tuxedo

  2. pitbull my dude fo real… this nigga even brought him on stage so every one could see it and didnt even put the mic down…. 305 is gangsta!

  3. some real shit fam!!!!
    jim jonsin is being sued for the slim thug track”i run”
    he was served and filed extention till september 1st this has been going down since 420 march 20th 2009
    its funny because artist like amerie,fat joe,loyd,nikki flores,twista,mmmmm…just cant think about them all right now,but those artist albums were pushed back, if not ,the beats that jim is being sued for have been excluded on the albums!!!! anyways though need more info hit me up
    oh yea press release is going in a effect!here is the link for the case

    federal case in fort lauderdale fl
    he got a youtube vid up too check it out

    illmind007@youtube check it out!
    oh yeah shokase ent iz cummin at ya’ll

  4. Thats wild I thought if for anything he should be sued by flock of seagulls for biting the chorus to “I run” fuck a beat biter tho I hope this ain’t true, Jim Jonsin is nice too.

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