Old School – Chaundon

New music from Chaundon produced by fellow Justus League member Khrysis, Old School is also the 49th from the freestyle series over at DJBooth.net  Definately feelin what Chaundon is saying on this record for real.

Download/Stream–>  http://www.zshare.net/audio/607644186a25c9ed/

6 Responses

  1. you got a million fans on myspace but none in real life!! shits a banga fo real

  2. Shits hot. Even kids of privilege be thinkn’ they hood… sounds like Bitch Made Burnham when he tried to buy that strap in FLA.

  3. Thank god we ain’t let that happen, if he copped it we would caught a case plus i dude was suspect who was sellin it lol too funny(yo lex we are referring to francis btw) But back to Chaundon this is fire!

    • Dude was made suspect… I was just waiting for the ‘Ho’lice to kick in the door trying to lock us all, I wasn’t gonna let that shit happen. It was funny tho.

  4. “new school rappers be dressin like gay kids” lol…so true

    whatever happened to marijaun cigar music? lots of quotables here.

  5. haahahahahaa franny lol he trying to pick up a magnum now?

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