Prom Queen/ Prom Feen (New Jack City)

pookie thanks

Sometimes a movie has so many good parts you have to strip them down and give them individual shine, at HHTT we major in that! Today I take a part from the urban classic New Jack City, Pookie lets his crack addicted female know where she ranks after she informs him of her former prom queen status. Oh and let us not forget what happens when the prom queen tires to deny Pookie some of that glorious turkeyView the classic review by Lex of New Jack City

3 Responses

  1. lol this is that shit right here man still to this day i have not seen a more realistic crackhead than Cris Rock…lol i guess your bound to be a crack head when your last name is rock lol

  2. Haha Lex well played. Yo you might have to re-up that samuel l moment ( I swear before god and 4 more white people) to the top of the page because that is priceless as well as this one.

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