All of you 80’s babies out there will appreciate this one. the Mobile Armored Strike Kommand or better known as M.A.S.K. was definately one of the best 80’s cartoons for me. these were the days when if you saw it on a cartoon then you could get the same toy for christmas. well at least i had to wait for christmas…anyway watch and enjoy the time travel.

these were the good ol’ days when cartoons taught these kids shit.. now a days you dont get advice like this. Thank you mask I’ll always look both ways now….M.A.S.K. saves lives.

2 Responses

  1. “fighting crime, fighting crime!” the song is so hilarious loll, i miss these good cartoons, mask was the shit i remember that little kid i always hated the fact they bit star wars with the chubby r2d2 but its all good shit was sick

  2. lol they bit star wars, transformers and voltron but they did their thing i used to love waiting to see tracker fly the IROC-Z lol

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