Turbo Teen


What would my life be like if Brett Matthews never swerved off that road during a thunderstorm and crashed into that government lab??? It would be boring cause then there would have been no Turbo Teen! It’s like I tell my oldest son, the cartoons of the 80’s were far superior to the crap displayed now. Turbo Teen was about a young cat who had the abilty under extreme heat to morph into a car and revert back through extreme cold. I use to love watching this show because bad guys would throw a cold soft drink on him and have his lil ass screaming back in human form. The show was groundbreaking the way he morphed to his vehicle form, a cartoon about a kid who could change to a 80’s sports car???? GENIUS! Turbo Teen is HHTT APPROVED

5 Responses

  1. yo your killin em wit this one b i was just sittin up last night thinkin about this show and M.A.S.K. those shows were the shit!!!

  2. M.A.S.K used to be the shit….on major early back to back with Speed Racer…….the toys used to be tight too

  3. i had to bee i was like we had the illest time to grow up fucking throw a cola on that nigga he turn fetus word to allah lol

  4. i had to do menelik after i saw this i had to throw mask up there it makes me realize that 80’s cartoons had the best intro music ever…..EVER.

  5. of course bee they hired cats who would bleed out a song beautiful in 14.3 seconds

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