HHTT Productions

Glow worms stuffed full of coke/ Trapper keeper full of cash/ GT Chrome Spokes/ Dope. -AvThe movement continues! HHTT Productions is in full effect and T.O.D. has just signed on, is Da Leg back?? Yes and No, Most of you know me as Brother Menelik but I also go by my MC name Av. Over the last couple of months my brothers at HHTT have been pushing me to pursue music harder, so I got up with my old partner T and started writing. When you a true MC you never drop the pen so it wasn’t hard, Hip Hop has never left me and I never left her. The last couple years a lot has changed, I found the purpose of why I want to do this shit, I thought I did in the past but now I truly know. I want kids to sell drugs, get gold chains and watch Ducktales! Growing up, these are the things I idolized because they were relevant, I would race home through mainsouth past the dealers hoping to catch the last 10 minutes of M.A.S.K. If that doesn’t make sense I really don’t give a fuck, this is for my city, this is for my niggas still on the block and this is for my niggas who love books like the Watchmen and love shows like Alf, this is for ya’ll. Peep the session in preparation for the June 20th Show, HHTT gets up at Worcester public library and do the damn thing.  This is only the beginning, should’ve killed us when you had the chance.


June 20th HHTT gonna show you how to cook dope.

10 Responses

  1. […] Original post by Brother Menelik Ebna la-Hakim […]

  2. its goin down, da legacy continues…

  3. “glow worm stufed full of coke??”” raw ya’ll raw in that shit

  4. oh shit da leg is back!!!! what up Av! what up T! description of wor was a classic, i see you guys stepped it up a whole other level! keep it up i wanna see more

  5. thats real talk Dark Legacy are vetz

  6. thanks for the love, we jus doing it how it need to be done. and this is only the intro all praises allah

  7. my brother said “grade school pictures in the back with the lazers” i remember you was the coolest kid if you got the background with the lazers, unfortunately i got the sky background like i was floating with the clouds

  8. lol my moms always got that blank background shit too
    mine was always green tho

  9. i had that shit with a hi top

  10. Tighter than braids in the eight grade on picture day – tame one

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