Trey Songz- Death of Autotune R. Kelly diss


Trey songz did a lil beat jackin to call out Mr Statutory himself (R.kelly lol) and a few other hip hop/R&B stars as well. I dont know about y’all but this kinda shit just makes me laugh. You got R&B thugs first of all, ever since kellz did his cornrows and bandana back in 94, but not only that, now you got these soft as a wet baby’s ass singers tryin to call each other out? Hahaahaha this shit is pure comedy to me. How you gonna call some one out while tryin to sound like Lenny Williams on the track? I mean Lenny wasn’t tryin to start beef with Earth, Wind & Fire or Bootsy Collins…LOL. I applaud the effort Trey but you sound obnoxious trying to bring this element of hip hop to R&B. Leave battle raps for the hip hop MC’s and stick to gettin your heart broken or tryin to sweet talk some skeezas…

3 Responses

  1. haha these two have been taking shots at eachother since trey first came out. Kellz is my dog tho he the king of this shit, trey been beasting more instrumentals than weezy when he was hungry on the drought tapes a few years back. We just begining to see all these damn versions of hov’s record, its been less than a week and I’ve counted already 10+ god damn!

  2. lol i remember trey back in the day and i though he sounded very similar ro kellz, this shit is cute

  3. I genuinely like your publish. Does it copyright protected?

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