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  1. ahahahaahaahahaahahaahahaahahahaahahahaahaha y’all fools shoulda warned that this shit was gonna be that funny!!!!! dude said “T you look like jesus” hahaahahahahaahaahahaah ” is that pantene pro-v?” hhaahahaha “its water jus water”haaahahahaahahahaahaahahaha im trippin LMAO

  2. T, you look like Jesus who forgot to break bread, and had both the first and last supper….lololol u know it’s all love my dude.

  3. ahahhahahahah lmao this is sick lol hahhaha tar baby holy shit

  4. true, maybe i should just starve myself to make you happy

  5. i do remember though t had a racist dog that hated me cause i was ultra black and i used to think maybe the dog was from hitler time like a nazi dog with a german mind

  6. the dog came from adude i thought was albanian, but he could have been german

    • T, A….track?? what’s good?…i got that autotune bee, what’s really good!?!? lol u already know

  7. you should put hitler on autotune and make a track dedicated to T’s dog lol

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