Super Duper Ba”donkey” Donk

dumb donkey

I figured these pics would get some buzz on here lol GOTDAM thats alotta booty lol I have to thank my man the minista for these pics though.. I mean this shit looks like a science experiment gone wrong lol like this bitch was trying to be the nutty professor and everything shrunk but her ass hahaahah…lookin at these pics always makes me think I hear somone yelling….NORBIT!!! HOW YOU DOIN?!!!

dumb donkey2

now I know my man menelik loves ass like broke folks love syrup sandwiches LOL…… so what do you think brotha, is that too much booty for you?

7 Responses

  1. It ain’t right when you can see the ass from the front

  2. i love booty this the gods know,but thats a fucking tumor bee

  3. lol it look like she kidnapped to 10 year old children in her but cheeks LMAO!

  4. Son she kidnapped the klumps in her butcheeks, She ain’t the only one up there judging by the pics either.

  5. how can a brother like me get to meet her and date her
    call me at 215-921-9020

  6. that booty is way to exagerated is pure grasa yucckkkk

  7. I love that ass what a big ducking monster ass I love to suck it dry I can handle her real good no problem!!

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