HHTT Productions: Nite People (What Do You Mean You People?)

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I personally want to thank Nite People for allowing us to come down to WCUW and conduct this interview. HHTT’s goal was to do a simple interview but instead morphed into so much more. These are a humble group of dudes who have an honest appreciation for each other and making quality music. When the camera went off is when some of the realest talk came out, we discovered the depth to these individuals and vice versa. This is just a teaser! HHTT WORCESTER APPROVED!opp


8 Responses

  1. i fux w nite people man. add/lose/drop members — everyone’s always on point.

  2. even though i didnt add much it was definitely a very real conversation with nite people , i actually learned alot that night about who they were from a personal and a musical standpoint. it was the first time i sat with other artist from the scene and had such a relaxed and chill enviroment where everyone felt comfortable to speak

  3. […] this interview and putting this video together.   To view the full article with photos visit HulkHateTimeTravel.com and  make sure to drop them a […]

  4. outside of the interview, the convo was worth listening to.. some of the things said that were unrecorded were an insight to what others think and feel in regards to culture, politics and life lessons.. Hope ya’ll come thru the station and give more of that insight..

    And I still wont use the word (except in an educational setting) no matter how friendly I may be with others.. I still hesitate to repeat it when listening to my favorite mc’s.. There is always a chance that someone outside our box may be affected by the word even if we meant to use it in its desensitized slang form

  5. its all about respect b….. thats what it all boils down to R-E-S-P-E-C-T and not jus a lil bit lol

  6. thats real kusto i respect that, like my bro lex says all about respect real recognize real

  7. alot of knowledge was dropped after the cameras stopped rolling no doubt

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