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  1. Wanted to thank ya’ll again for coming thru and doin’ ya thing thing.. HHTT is welcome any time.. and also thanks for rep’n at Hip Hop Power 4

  2. i guess ill be the first to say it……..kusto……i hate your motherfucking guts !!!!!! lol hahahahahahhha na, it was definitely a pleasure. im very thankful for the opportunity to come down to the radio station and for performing at hhp4 i also wanted to thank hhtt for inviting me, without their invite i would not have been part of it. i also wanted to thank who ever brought the wireless mic, without that i would not have been able to bring the show out to fella

  3. kusto its all love all day, and t u my brother u know the deal, we been through so much together it wouldn’t be right without u right there with me, straight up

  4. Kinda upset that I missed this, as I don’t own a radio. Thanks for the shout out though.

  5. You can listen on the net suge @ http://www.wcuw.org

  6. how can i send you the show flyer so you can continue to promote the shit outta the illest show ya’ll know on the radio?

  7. tuff, i needz to gets down with this PRONTO!!

  8. you got peoples listening in NY HHTT

  9. yo el, keep that streaming all day bee! much love i sent u a email bee

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