HHTT Productions: Hip Hop Power IV

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Saturday June 20th@ Creegans on Green St. Hip Hop Power 4 was held and it was a day to remember. The turnout was impressive for a local show and I have to admit the crowd seemed heavily into the music. HHTT was in the building, not just to document this event but to also take part. Brother Menelik Ebna la-Hakim (Av) and T.O.D. reunited as Cocaine Robots (we still da leg!) to rip the mic and establish HHTT as the machine! I want to big up all the performers, Black Ownerz, J Patty, Serious, Nokside, Elijah Divine and Nite People for doing Worcester proud. Also I cannot forget all the peoples who came out and supported local hip hop, this is for you.wood rip ite back yo front

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  1. I also want to thank everyone for coming out and thank you to HHTT for put’n up some videos of the acts.. much love to all and if you would like to get involved in future Hip-Hop Powers just hit me up on the Social Light Sounds myspace.. if I don’t know you please send me a sample of your music or direct me to your myspace.. also check out myself and the fam at Selective Hearing on WCUW.org or 91.3fm every friday night 10-12


  3. dis dat real shit for realz wartown rep all day nigga

  4. this is a movement for real, ebna la-hakim we need to talk asap!

  5. i want us to be at the next hip hop power BUT i require an original nintendo entertainment system , a portable television and the original contra in mint condition, i want to do the thirty lives cheat in front of the crowd and then leave the stage

  6. oh yeah, Nite People are THE SHIT !!!!!! but on a serious note thank you once again for putting together shows like these, i dont think there would be any venue for local artist to perform if it werent for what you guys are doing right now, plus i love the nintendo theme

  7. i need music from the cocaine robots!

  8. El been bugging me to check this site out, im very impressed! i never heard of worcester in my life but damn i gotta start learning quick.

  9. yo thanks so much for the love, im from worcester and this is how we do bee, and yo el i got u i got u

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