Calm Down – M.O.P.

“We have the constitutional right to bear arms to flare arms whenever we feel harm”

The Mash Out Posse released their fourth album Warriorz in 2000, the album is easily M.O.P.’s most popular due to the huge sucess of Ante Up and Cold As Ice.  Both of those records are without a doubt rap-classics but I gotta show love to the lesser known slept on classic Calm Down produced by Lil Fame.Download/Stream–>

3 Responses

  1. this shit is hot but i love ante up and cold as ice is probably one of my favorite tracks, i really like the original and i also love what they did with the beat on this album

  2. i love this shit, cold as ice was my fav but this shit right here
    classic fire fo real

  3. This track is hot, although like everyone Cold As Ice was one of my favourites. Did anyone see them live?
    I am opening for M.O.P. on February 10 in Berlin, come and check out my beats on and tell me what you think.

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