The Police – Roxanne

You don’t have to put on the red light!

the police roxanne

Sting wrote this song about the prostitutes he seen while in Paris. I first heard this song from Eddie Murphy in 48hrs and thought it was a joke until my father put me on once again. I had to be around 9 or 10 and my pops just came home from grocery shopping, as I helped with the bags I heard it, blasting out his Thunderbird was Roxanne and I loved it. Its sad The Police split so early but at least they left us a bit of their brilliance to reflect on. The Police – Roxanne

4 Responses

  1. what the mean the world to you ??!!??

    sorry i think about it everytime i hear the beginning of the song but i remember eddie murphy ripping this in 48 hrs i used to hear this shit in jail and used to act like a damn fool. niggas out there thought i was buggin

  2. sting’s a genius for real

  3. never trust anyone who doesnt like sting

  4. scrilla couldnt had said it better

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