A Woman’s Threat – R. Kelly

Hell Hath no Fury like a Women Scorned

R. Kelly released the former #1 selling album TP-2.com (Twelve Play-2) in 2000, the record featured such hits as I Wish, Fiesta, Feelin on Your Booty and A Woman’s Threat.  A Woman’s Threat is vintage Robert Kelly to say the least, every time I hear him break down the story of the three little pigs toward the end of the song I wind up in stitches.  9th wonder later sampled the record for Jay-Z on the Black album’s Threats.  More recently on Drakes the Best I Ever Had remix R. Kelly announced his plans to release his new album in September, “some real r & b, R. Kelly shit on ya’ll” is how he put it, and if you can’t wait for that follow Kellz on twitter @ http://twitter.com/kellzodiac


One Response

  1. i love this shit but i love “when a womans fed up” alot also, kelly know about alot of woman shit lol

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