Nite People – Toy

06 Toy

New music from Nite People off their sophomore album What do you mean you people. Worcester please stand the fuck up! HHTT APPROVED. Nite People – Toy

To find out more on Nite People check out

6 Responses

  1. I’m seeing lots of marvel toys in that graphic. Dope song E you a wizard with it, who produced this one? tone or manips?

  2. this was a tone beat. one of the first songs we recorded for this album. HHTT all day!!!

  3. nite people i love em cause im dark

  4. lol dark aint the word b….lol…..nite people y’all doin your thang thang keep it up the world is listening

  5. lol silly coon lets not do this here lol goto face for that shit, what u doing on the field anyway u know massa dont like his precious out here

  6. hahaaha you fuckin spook ima see you on face fool

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