HHTT Productions: HHTT Invades 91.3 WCUW Selective Hearing 7/10/09

revlex on airselect set

HHTT once again linked up with our fam over at 91.3 Selective Hearing to chop it up a bit. Selective Hearing has been cool enough to let us come through for the last few weeks and it’s much appreciated. T and Elijah Divine came through along with newcomer Prophecy who is also getting down with HHTT productions. On the show Cocaine Robots premiered 2 new tracks ( Sell Drugs (Cocaine) and Into Your Eyes) off the Hot Dogs & Coke (Coney Island Shit) Mixtape, Rev and Lex spoke on air about hulkhatetimetravel, and then we hit the streets! Peace to Kusto, Yohon DI and DJ Manipulator for having us through.

menelik phromanipt and a

10 Responses

  1. we are a fucking machine, a FUCKING MACHINE!

  2. Good looking out Selective Hearing!

    Riverside MuthaFucka! Shit came out R-A-W

  3. so guess who showed up after you guys left….. the station manager.. he asked that I clean it up a bit.. now you have me in a bit of a pickle

  4. r u serious ??

  5. damn……..banned from the radio

  6. now you got the juice

  7. ahhahahaha here come the censors…….that means their listening…….get infected

  8. you can tell its real hip hop by the price-rite bag in the picture….straight gangsta

  9. we gotta eat for cheap!!! hahaha

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