Brother Menelik & Yohon DI (Build)

agreemen suggestword up

A couple weeks back I sat down with Yohon DI of Nite People and 91.3’s Selective Hearing. I have been meaning to sit down with Yohon for quite sometime now but we both have hectic schedules, luckily we finally got time to build. Yohon is a very complex individual who has a genuine love for music. From our talk I got the feeling of a person who is completely driven by music, someone who operates on the scale of self satisfaction and artistic integrity. In this day it is hard to find many artists with such purist beliefs but refreshing when you do. It was strange cause as I was asking him questions he fired similar ones right back at me! The interview transitioned into a genuine conversation, which I felt was even better because we both got to learn more about each other and build. To find out more about Yohon and his other projects check

How we get down……..

kusto diversitylex and tone rubixmanipulator and yohontone and kusto

H2T2 get infected!

4 Responses

  1. Tone and myself were very “outspoken” with our apparel that night..

    Also, I was watching a movie that was on tv last night that brought me back to my childhood like “The Wiz” that had previously been posted..
    the movie is “TOY” and the characters name is Jack Brown.. How bout another movie flashback??!?

  2. thats a classic flick

  3. word that lil spoiled brat truly had a heart of gold

  4. funny thing about that flick is the kid who starred in it looks exactly like my cousin tito from brooklyn, i still laugh everytime i even look at the kid

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