Cocaine Robots – Mass Second

Older brother OG did ten years flat/ Manslaughter shit, cut a jugular and went back/ -Av

Brothers Coke

French did his thing on the NY Minute beat but I decided things happen a little faster in Massachusetts, sometimes in the matter of a second. On some real talk we decided to flip this track when I approached T after hearing some disturbing news about my older brother. One day he was here with me drinking some high life, next day he back behind bars facing 20yrs. This is for my brother and all cats who got caught up in the system, we hear you stay strong. MASS STAND UP, THIS IS THE REMIX! HHTT Approved  Cocaine Robots – Mass Second (Master)

15 Responses

  1. i fucking LOVE IT !!

  2. one of the release shits we have done no doubt ALL REAL TALK

  3. This shit came out nice, keep it up cocaine robots. S.C. in Middleton hold ya head.

  4. yo this is so dope, who are you guys????

  5. can i post this on my friedns myspace, he does promotion for club red! i have to do my research on you cats!

  6. who get more gritty than us? we dont try to make it pretty and subliminal we come right at you wit the real and you can deal with it how you like…..lex btw chris al the info you need from us is right in this site b, clik the pics and pay attention to the names…Enjoy.

  7. yo brother menelik i cant believ thats you! you nigs is hard as fuck im glad nigs doing that real music for the g’s out here, thanks for the cd menelik KING ST GOTS YOU MY DUDES

  8. i have never heard a voice like the first person to rap, you guys are in the ipod now! luv da pic by the way!

  9. yo chris you got my official permission to bootleg and make copies for ya goons in da hood like my brother lex said who go more gritty, thanks for the luv

  10. thank u all for taking the time to listen, much appreciated

  11. on some real talk, french cant fuck with this joint! cocaine robots, remember me when ya\’ll blow up in the next few months.

  12. i have to thank everyone for listening as well and of course to my brother av thanks for having me on this track

  13. t u my bro and it you helped with some real shit i had to get off my chest bee, oh yea we getting a deal now lol

  14. […] has been following K.Sparks for a Mass Second, Sparks enlists the help of Sean Price & Julius Francis for Keep Movin the first leak off of […]

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