Janet Jackson – That’s The Way Love Goes


Oooooo baby don’t stop doooon’t stop, ooooo deeper baby deeeeeper…… Do I have to say anything else???? if you grew up in the 80’s you knew janet was one of the dopest ladies on the planet. She is soooo Fucking dope in this video I had to get it for my private collection. We here at HHTT call this dutch or backwoods music lol Get close to your shorty on this one and don’t forget to bring maryjane along….she always makes things better…also for those of you paying attention see if you can spot a few familiar faces in the video.Enjoy


8 Responses

  1. haha peep the “evolution” of Janet, yea she was fine, still kinda is too, can’t front. This song is classic, jimmy jam and terry lewis at their finest

  2. did you see j-lo in there lol

  3. she\’s dope

  4. shardei is thick as hell…..even though she wearing that orange and maroon shit

  5. one of the dopest femme’s ever in music.. there are too many moments where i would just need some alone time.. the scream video when she had short hair and the zombie look (my word.. i think i need a moment)

  6. hahaaha hey man come on wipe your computer off kusto and dont be lookin at my girl like that b lol jk

  7. she a bad one i will say that, she was like “lets wait a while”, then she had to take “control”, then “we can do it anywhere!” gotta love the evolution of janet

  8. I adore Janet Jackson and her parting the music business is going to be a sad loss. Their family has made a huge impact on music from ever since I am able to remember.

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