I Should Tell ya Momma on You – Red (The Man Without The Machine)

A few months back my brother Lex(http://lexluthor34.com/2009/05/01/im-back/) put me on to a homeless man out in Cali who is crazy nice at the art of beatboxing.  Sure enough he has since rerecorded his material with the help of Stones Throw and it’s now available for download on itunes.  Red, The Man Without the Machine’s first single, I Should tell ya Momma on You, with remixes by CHOPS and Dam-Funk, dropped July 23rd.

6 Responses

  1. hell yeah this dude needed to be signed man that shows you never give up no matter how rough the road gets you gotta keep drivin…if you was east coast red, HHTT would have def been your machine good luck b im a fan

  2. word i cant front when i first seen this on lex page i was like ok and played it off, but im mad happy dude is doing it fo real if he was in worcester HHTT woulda had him big upped proper

  3. shit is tight , he sound like dude from bum fights

  4. That’s what I was thinking too T, bling bling crackpipe represent

  5. exactly BLING BLING

  6. i kinda thought the shit was doper before chops took over

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