It Don’t Move Me – Peter Bjorn and John

Peep this crazy new video from Swedish trio Peter Bjorn and John, It Don’t Move Me off of their newest album Living Thing which dropped earlier this year.  The video features some fresh Michael Jackson inspired dance moves, enjoy.Download/Stream–>

8 Responses

  1. I’m diggin this alot! dude got some moves.

    good look Rev!

  2. thats dope

  3. if i didn’t know any better i would think that is me

  4. I was thinking the same shit.. Haha!

    Telly from “kids” w/ long hair = Kusto!

  5. “Telly” lol i hated that dudes voice, peace to the infected homie casper.

  6. and yes this is sick, like flashdance/fame/ mj video all in one

  7. r.i.p. casper(justin pierce)

  8. lol thats kusto’s new name….hahaaha you hear that!!!! your name is telly now boy!!…..say it!! say yo name!
    ahahaahaha im sorry man i been watchin roots recently and those flash backs come easy lol ….but the vids tight

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