Are You Ready For Some Football


The hall of fame game was played this past sunday with the Titans and the Bills. T.O. made his Bills debut short and sweet with 2 catches is one drive. Check out this awesome play by the Titans to get the first points of the pre-season. Oh and make sure you pay attention to vince young’s comments, appearently he believes he is “going to be the next black quarterback to win a Superbowl”… well we will just have to wait and see vince. Also check out the classic uniforms. enjoy

6 Responses

  1. Vince is bugging. Damn that punter was nice with the behind the back on that fake punt

  2. yeah that play was sick right lol

  3. Anyone do fantasy football.. lex? bro men? anyone?

  4. yea we getting an HHTT league together on hit me with your email kusto I’ll send you an invite. the draft will prob be in the next couple weeks, I was going to throw up a post on the league soon.

  5. i have a league in construction myself on espn for $$$.. just need a couple more cats.. but i’m down for your too…

  6. yo rev.. hit me up by phone too.. my number is on my card

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