Raekwon sicks Wolves on Joe Budden

Apparently Saturday at Rock The Bells out in Cali Joe Budden got punched in the eye… By a member of Raekwons entourage backstage.  Read the whole story here http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1617993/20090810/budden_joe.jhtml

Here’s Joey’s V-Log immediately after the incident took place. Looks like Clyde Smith has struck again. http://hulkhatetimetravel.com/2009/05/27/clyde-smith-knuckles/

14 Responses

  1. i only got one thing to say, dont talk sideways then apologize to the gods like shit sweet. on the real im from the ol’ skool niggas woulda scooped him in that black van and made a real example feel me chief?

  2. u seen the vid of mickey facts explainin what happened ??? lol

  3. lol yea lol i did, son i love wu but if someone from wu camp dared punch me they seeing the chopper! GET TO THE CHOPPER! like arnold and shit fuck the bull bee

  4. now joe bud really got a reason to whine now….all that crybaby rap gonna come out heavy…..you went after WU you fuckin dummy you lucky that thats the only thing that happened lol and yes i think its cool joe…you talk shit and you should get smacked the fuck up….you dont wanna get smacked?…..then dont start shit plain and simple……fuckin ignoramus

  5. I’m just waiting for the actual footage to comeout of what happened

  6. c’mon on the real we all know the deal they both got albums to push hard right now, plus niggas barley going platinum so this tactic is sure fire GOLD at least feel me.

  7. Sorry fellas, actually scratch the apologies. All pre-album hype aside. Jumpoff is one of the nicest lyricist alive, and apparently im not the only one who thinks so. . . Dont know how yall missed this but . .”Joe Budden voted Hottest MC In the Game”


  8. i hear u Eak, joe is nice but its like i told my mans, michael jackson may sound better to some and sold more albums than marvin gaye but it dont mean michael (rip) can goto marvin (rip) and call the brother out, feel me. respect the older gods. and all hype aside i think joe is nice and this marketing strategy is brilliant

  9. you can’t even compare joe budden to rockwell nevermind Michael jackson lol, yo E you and I went to that Joe Budden show at the middle east, don’t front noone was their, you were prob the biggest Joey fan in the building that day besides Killa BH. I got that new joe budden album too “escape route”, its dope, normally I never would listen to it, can’t front but because of this beef shit, I took notice. just surprised 50 isn’t involved somewhere this is a first.

  10. A number of things may explain the low turnout at the show, many of which haven’t a thing to do with Budden. The fact is Budden been nice.

    Men, just to follow up, I’m not totally sold on the respect-the-older-gods argument. First, there’s a big difference between Marvin Gaye and, say, Wu (and other older gods). The latter is still dropping music and the former is retired, and the moment you put music out you are putting your lyrical fitness at issue, subjecting it to criticism and even challenge. I think what Budden did was fair.

    My opinion would change, though, had the targetted MCs stopped making music, fell back, and rightly assumed their legendary status.

  11. hahaaha you niggas sho is silly…(kirby) on the real i used to love joe… i thot dude was sick for real…ask brotha men we used to pump jump off in my whip…but after you listen to joe for a good week..this dude make me wanna be an alcoholic Bee…he nice wit the lyrics but he whine alot about his life….he was depressed at one point and so was his music,depressing…anyways i lost respect for dude cuz he began to pull the classic 50/hova move.He figuerd let me call out an established MC so people can start payin attention to what im rhymin about and i can start sellin more records. instead of tryin to go agianst a pioneer like (wu)method man he should have collabed wit him at shown everybody on the same track who was better.. but instead we get the method that sells the most records…so with that being said fuck joe cuz he sold out…talented mc’s need to build and not tear shit down.Real MC’s can be fine wit doin what they do…but instead now i gotta hear joe focused on wu and i hope wu aint gonna stay focused on joe cuz thats gunna take wu down a notch as well..nuff said

  12. joey was never in the G building taking all types of medicine.

  13. people seem to forget… suns keep planets in orbit

  14. This is my standpoint – When I make my statement that “joey is one of the nicest period” It has nothing to do with hype. If all these confrontations and drama is just tactics for album sales, so be it. Thats not what im interested, i cant front im prolly not gonna “purchase” any of these cats albums anyway. (with one exception ..lol) But as esco stated, i am kind of bias on the subject.. Whether he legitamately called WU out or not (never REALLY happened).. fact is that lyrically, joey could run laps around these cats in abattle as far as the RAE situation like Vince Vaughn in Breakup, “im adult i talk (rap) thru problems, he ran out of words”… This aint the UFC and even if it was, joe said he would shoot the fair with RAE with no response… In conclusion, screw the hype, real recognize real and joe is one of the realest, depressed or not.

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