Vick Signs With The Eagles


So Michael Vick signs with the eagles for a one year 1.5 mil deal with the possibillity of a 2nd year.  We all knew Vick is way too good of a player to not get signed but to head to philly was pretty surprising…and smart. Honestly Philly is a great fit for Vick he is obviously not in any condition to start but will definately add depth to any team. Especially a team that has been top of there division for nearly the last 6 years. But with Vick signing there has definately been some notable pressmichael-vick-eagles 

and  the thing that kills me the most is that people act like this man didn’t serve his time and learn from his mistakes.  Thats the whole point of jail isnt it? to be rehabilitated…but to an alarming number of people, 2 years in prison isn’t nearly enough.  I mean c’mon he did what he did and he paid the price, but now you got people sayin”oh its outrageous that he should even get to play in the NFL” WHAT?  Wow people its football….he is not running for senate or city council, its a game!…but the most noticeable thing to watch in these tv interviews is the amount of Caucasians/Anglo-Saxons/Americans/whites that believe Vick shouldn’t play, compared to the amount of Negroids/African Americans/blacks that say “he did his time, let him play”6170364.jpg…honestly i just hope that there is just as much drama, wait no, 4 times as much drama when Dante Stallworth decides to try to come back to the league… He killed a man while drunk driving in Miami and tried to blame it on a the man he killed…..wheres all of his protesters?

8 Responses

  1. mike vick og did 2 years flat/ dog slaughter shit left the nfl and went back! LEAVE VICK ALONE BEFORE I SICK MY DOGS ON U BEE!

  2. lol
    yo think about vick, westbrook, mcnabb all in the same backfield, thats a nightmare to D-coordinators all over the league for real.
    I rocked my Michael Vick jersey today (Real Talk)

  3. word up the eagles are gonna be a problem in the second half of the season…i hear you rev i just dusted my mike vick kicks off lol

  4. I forgot, I got a pair of them too, they gettin brought out tonite forilla

  5. it is going to take the Eagles a while to get a complete Vick for their team.. yes he will dazzle and yes he will amaze but next year, if they pick up the option, the Eagles should be a squad from the jump..

    mark this on your calender – Mon. Oct. 26th Monday Night Football.. Philly @ Washington.. and Sun. Dec. 6th.. Philly @ Atlanta


  6. Vick should be able to play. Period. He’s paid over $100 mil, jail time, and lost his starting QB position and has been demoted to a backup.

    I won’t get into what I think of him as a QUARTERBACK and not a human being, because well…the truth is if Eagles could have 489485054895 Michael Vicks and they still won’t be able touch Brady to Moss…Brady to Moss…Brady to Moss…Brady to Moss… ALL DAY.

  7. lol true true..but honestly when it comes to Brady to Moss no one can touch them….50 touchdown passes in one season…thats mc hammer right there…you cant touch it.

  8. i believe he will be part of this “wildcat offense”.. QB screens with deep threat option think about what wes welker does for the pats vick will be for the eagles with passing trickery

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